The life and works of Rizal is a contextualized course offered in the university according to the Republic Act 1425 and the 2017 Memorandum on General Education Subjects of the Commission of Higher Education. This course delves into the salient developments, struggles, contributions, and perspectives of Jose Rizal in the context of the 19th century Philippines. By reading and understanding the literary masterpieces of Rizal, the course engages the learners to perform discourse and situational analyses about the social history of the Filipino nation under the colonial regime. Concomitantly, this course also offers acumens based on selected primary sources which are contributory to the Philippine nation-building as well as socially relevant conjectures of contemporary writers which are vital for the detection and correction of social problems. Moreover, the course provides areas of reflection where the students could perform critical thinking by relating the conditions of the past and the present-day Philippines.

This course is intended for students who are enrolled in Information Technology Program needing skills in making sound decisions in solving problems in the business industry. It also provides students with the tools and approaches to undertake business research and capture the behavior of observed phenomena or variables using statistical modeling techniques. The success of any business depends on the quality of management decision-making which entails proper understanding and definition of the problems to be addressed, the availability of reliable information, and the validity of models or frameworks used for analysis and evaluation of options.