COURSE DESCRIPTION: (CMO 5 Series of 2018)

This course deals with the professional conduct and ethical standards of Professionals, and as Criminologists in the practice of their profession and field of specialization; Governing Ethical codes both in Government and Private sectors and their relevance to Human Relations.


            The course covers the study of Planning and Steps in Police Operations, Article III of the 1987 Constitution; Republic Act 7438 ( Rights of persons arrested, Detained or under Custodial Investigation); Rule 113 of the Rules of Court ( Arrest); Rule 126 of the Rules of Court ( Search and Seizure); UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights; Rule 110 of the Rules of Court ( Prosecution of Offenses); Principles of Law Enforcement operations; Guidelines in the Management of Disaster and Relief Operations; Methods and Procedure in the protection of the crime scene; and Crime Mapping (Computer Statistics) in the law enforcement operations and criminal justice.

            The course will help the student understand the procedures in the conduct of Police Operations and familiarize with the rights of the accused detained or under investigation and to memorize the rules of arrest to avoid any violation of the law if they will practice their profession in the future. This course also help the student familiarize themselves in the methods and procedures in the management of disaster and relief operation and the methods and procedures in the protection of crime scene to ensure the validity of crime scene processing and to get the best evidence to be presented in court to give justice to the victims. The course also help the student understand crime mapping in the field of law enforcement.